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by Kristi Rapson
Special to the Citizen


Brothers Richard and Vincent Truong have big designs for the newly opened Dynasty II Oriental Delicacy restaurant in Newnan.

The brothers have overseen every aspect of the restaurant from its decor to its menu. Richard is a graduate of Southern College of Technology with degrees in electrical engineering and management. Vincent is a Georgia Tech graduate with a degree in architecture. He is working on an additional degree in building construction.

The brothers came to Georgia 13 years ago from Vietnam. They have been working in the family restaurant business since.

Cousins own Riverdale's Golden Crown restaurant, Roswell's Hong Kong Delight restaurant, East Point's Jade Garden restaurant, and Glenwood's Imperial China restaurant.

"We know about food, we know about restaurants," Vincent says.

Their sister, Nhi Truong, and brother-in-law and Head Chef, Wen Kai Wu, are both partners. The restaurant is the second family owned Dynasty restaurant in Newnan. Dynasty Chinese Cuisine opened seven years ago (and has since been sold).

Dynasty II's menu items reflect the brothers' Chinese heritage, their parents were from Canton, China before relocating to Vietnam.

"We try to choose (menu items) what will appeal to most Americans," Richard says. The menu is a combination of Hunan, Cantonese, Zsechuan and Mandarin dishes.

A special page in the menu is designed for Japanese and Korean guests. The brothers foresee a day when the restaurant will offer a large variety of Japanese, Korean and Chinese dishes, hence the restaurant's subtitle, "Oriental Delicacy."

The brothers insist that their establishment is not a regular restaurant. Though they offer good, authentic Chinese food, Vincent says that Dynasty II is more than that.

"We really like to let people know this how Chinese are," he explains. "It's not just food. We want them to enjoy the atmosphere. We want to share our culture with our customers."

To emphasize his point, the restaurant features a traditional dining area with a low table and pillows for seats.TATAROOM.jpg (87293 bytes)

The decor is Chinese, modern, luxurious and elegant yet still comfortable. The restaurant is large and spacious with ample walkways.

"We cater to what our customers want and need," Richard says. Many customers are like family, he says. Guests are treated with special care and are consulted about menu items.

The Truongs also consulted with the Newnan business community before constructing the restaurant. Input they received led them to add two semi-private dining rooms and a private conference room.

Vincent even added a canopy to the restaurant's entryway to protect guests from bad weather. In architectural meaning, a canopy symbolizes a 'Welcome' to all who enter.

"This is a long term investment," Richard says. "We are looking down the road."

The Truongs thank you for your continued support of Dynasty Oriental Delicacy since 1986.

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